Thursday, March 05, 2009

Book 'em

Tuesday night when I went to my car to go home from work, I was irritated to discover that one of my tires was completely flat. (This was especially bothersome since I just had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace two of the other tires.) I had noticed driving in that it was pulling a little funny at times, but I was also driving over a lot of ice and snow so I figured that was the problem. If I did drive in on a flat tire, I just hope I didn't do too much damage. But I digress.

After taking a cab home on Tuesday (during which I received a soliloquy on the merits of a wide range of firearms) and then back again Wednesday, I was finally able to get AAA to come out Wednesday afternoon. I went and met the driver and had him pull up to the guard station leading into our garage. When they asked him to pull his truck over to get searched, he waved me over and asked if they were going to check his ID. I told him I didn't know, at which point he asked if I needed a tow (which he couldn't do) and informed me that his dispatcher told him I had a dead battery and that his jack was broken so they'd need to send someone else out. Huh.

It seemed a little strange, but it didn't really register what had happened until one of the guards came over and said that, based on the way he was acting, he was pretty sure the driver must have had warrants out for his arrest. Which certainly would explain the intense nervousness about having his ID checked and his haste to depart the premises.

Luckily another driver came out an hour later and, after determining my tire couldn't be repaired, was able to put the spare on and send me on my way. I've always had great experiences with AAA over the years, so I'm just going to assume that sending out someone with warrants was an outlier...