Sunday, March 01, 2009

Catching up

So, what's been up with us the past few weeks? Well...

-- Our good friend Dave, who Mädchen absolutely adores, moved back home to L.A. to be with his partner. We're really happy for him, but are also sad to see him go.

-- After the lightest dustings of snow, Mädchen actually agreed to try to walk in it. Given her usual reaction to snow, this was actually a pretty big deal (although tomorrow may provide a more realistic test if it snows like they say it might tonight).

-- Gretchen and Mädchen went to Wisconsin to visit Gretchen's sister's family. Among other things, Mädchen watched her cousin Natalie play soccer, handled large firearms, and tried breakdancing. How can you top that?

-- While they were away, we had the inside of our house painted. When we bought it in 1999, we were happy with the colors the previous owners had used. Then, when we moved to Basel and rented the house we just had the whole thing painted white. Things were looking really dingy, so we finally got around to making it look the way we wanted (actually, Gretchen gets all the credit for picking colors, etc). You can see how drab our dining room was here, for example; now it looks like this:

-- Mädchen tried to eat a sandwich for the first time (see above photo).

-- Also on the household front, the squirrels seem to have returned to our attic. Only now the pest control company thinks they may be flying squirrels instead of regular squirrels (we didn't even know we had flying squirrels here). Not that they're flying around our attic, but evidently they're a little smaller, which would explain why the traps haven't caught them.

-- We had someone out this week to check our basement for mold, and we do indeed appear to have some as a result of our leaky dishwasher. Now we're just waiting to find out whether it's contained to a small area or whether it has spread in the basement. We don't have any reason to think it's spread into the main part of the house, but it's something we've definitely got to deal with.

-- When they were in Wisconsin and the house was being painted, I went and stayed at a friend's house for a three-day weekend and basically did nothing but read, watch movies (in particular, Anchorman: The Legend of Run Burgundy and No Country for Old Men), and not leave the house except to eat. For me, a dream weekend.