Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mouse in the house

At one point on Saturday, we were all in the kitchen and M├Ądchen all of a sudden pointed toward the dishwasher and said she saw something moving. She wouldn't go near it, but we just figured she had been spooked by a reflection of some sort and didn't think anything of it.

So imagine Gretchen's surprise on Sunday night when she went back into our family room and there was a small shrew or mouse running frantically around the room. We really felt like we'd had our fill of wildlife in the house this winter, what with the recently evicted squirrels in the attic (which, knock on wood, have not returned), but no. I may not be good for much around the house, but this was clearly my problem to deal with. So I went in, and sure enough, there was a tiny little guy just sitting on our kitchen floor. Catching him couldn't have been any easier--I got a lid from a puzzle box, tossed it on top of him, slid a placemat underneath, walked him outside, and released him a safe distance from the house. Mission accomplished!

Until the next day, that is. I was watching basketball Sunday afternoon when all of a sudden another little guy came running into the living room. I tried to catch him, but to no avail. Later that night, we were watching The Amazing Race when he reappeared at least 2-3 more times, freaking Gretchen out exponentially more with each appearance.

Last night we set a live trap, but no luck. Tonight we're going to switch to peanut butter as bait and hope we have better luck. We are absolutely at our wits' end in terms of everything going wrong in our house, but at least we've had consolation in learning about all of our other friends who have also had rodent problems. ARGH!!!