Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Break

Poor blog. You're so neglected. I can't even remember the last time I wrote a blog post. That's what happens when you join Facebook... the blog gets lost and forgotten.

This year, Madchen got to experience spring break for the first time. Not because we took her to some tropical spring break destination, but because 2 of her Wisconsin cousins and her Tante (my sister) came to stay with us during their spring break. For Madchen, spring break meant that all of her regular classes (music, gymnastics, and school) were taking a couple weeks off, so she was thankful to have something like her cousins to keep her entertained.

While they were here, we did try to get out of the city for a brief beach excursion (to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware), but unfortunately we experienced no sunshine at all, only torrential rains and near-hurricane force winds. As a result, we never actually saw the ocean (other than from the car as we drove in) despite staying in a hotel only 2 blocks from the beach. THANK GOODNESS I booked a hotel with an indoor pool. It saved us.

The highlight of spring break was celebrating Easter together. My sister and I took her 2 kids (the other son was rock climbing with his Dad in California for the week) to the National Cathedral for an Easter Eve service (Kirk stayed home with Madchen since it was after her bedtime) that was beautiful, albeit long. We left after an hour and a half, and we were only on page 12 of a 25 page bulletin. But when you're a kid, Easter is all about the candy, right? We had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, which Madchen LOVED.

She especially loved the chocolate eggs. Thankfully the Easter bunny only included a few of those in the hidden eggs. Check out her cheek filled with a bunch of chocolate.

As for all the other candy, she chose to share it with the rest of us. She only likes chocolate, thank you very much.

My sister and her kids spent a fair amount of time just playing tourists visiting all the DC sights. We joined them for a few things, although most include way too much walking for a 2-year old's little legs. Here we were with them at the Washington Monument (they got tickets to take the elevator all the way to to the top... we passed on that one).

Other than that, we spent lots of time at our neighborhood playgrounds. Kids have to be kids, after all, and you can only do sightseeing for so many hours of the day...

A sure sign that summer is just around the corner? POPSICLES!