Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bad hair day

We've generally resisted making many comments about fashion here, in part because we don't want to offend (we're sensitive like that), and in part because it's not like either of us are exactly fashionplates. All I'm going to say is that Basel is possibly the worst-dressed city in Europe, at least among the younger crowd. (Get a mental image of how you think kids might dress in an isolated former Communist Eastern bloc's worse here. When we were watching Eurovision last month, it was startling how many of the guys looked like your typical Basel teenager hanging out on a Saturday night at Barf├╝sserplatz.) Anyway, I'll bite my tongue and not say any more for now, but the reason this came up is because I was reading this article about hairstyles in the World Cup, and it turned out the Swiss player they highlighted has the Basel youngster faux-hawk in full effect...and as it turns out, he plays for FC Basel! Which begs the question, are the kids of Basel trying to emulate him, or has he adapted to local norms?